Plate Joiner Safety Tips

Using a plate joiner is considered to be much safer than using traditional tools when making biscuit slots. The cutting part of the tool is safely positioned inside the casing of the machine, making it less likely to cut your hand as you force the tool through the wood. Despite this, the plate joiner is still a power tool, and as such some simple guidelines should help to keep it working safely.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Whenever you use any kind of power tools, it is always a good idea to wear eye glasses and protective gloves. You should also make sure that you wear short sleeves, and remove any rings, watches or other items of jewellery that might get caught in the blades.

Secure the Wood

When working on a slot, make sure that the wood is held tightly using a clamp or vise. You should also use the right kind of wood, as most plate joiners have minimum thickness guidelines which restrict the types of wood you can use.

Take Care

Even if both the joiner and the wood board are secured, you should still avoid putting your hands too close to the blade while it is operating. Small flaws in the wood can cause the blade to move around, so be alert, and keep your hands well out of reach.