Platform vs. Straight Staircase for Your Home Platform vs. Straight Staircase for Your Home

A straight staircase is generally the most common kind found in homes. Now that there are more options available for new builds and self design, people are looking at more attractive styles of staircases for the inside of their new house. One option available is platform stairs.


Platform stairs can offer an elegant mezzanine style appearance to the middle level of your new home. They are useful for gaining access to hallways which separate at the top of the stairs and go off in different directions. Most old homes have straight up and down style staircases which goes from the ground floor to the first floor. They are tucked away at the side of the house and out of the way. If a house has 3 levels there will usually be flat turning point to the next stairway but not so much of a platform.


With regard to space, straight staircases are far more efficient in that they take up less room. Again, this is dependent on the style of home. If a landowner is planning to build a new house on their plot, they may decide that they will install a straight staircase which goes up to a platform and continues as a platform staircase, meaning the two can be used together.


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