Platinum Jewelry: How to Clean Your Wedding Ring

Platinum jewelry is one of the strongest of all kinds of jewelery. Platinum jewelry metal is more durable than many of the other jewelry metals like gold and white gold. Platinum needs to be taken care of with proper cleaning. A platinum wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that is to be remembered forever and should be well kept after it has been cleaned.

If you are one to take your platinum wedding ring off on a daily basis, you will need to store it separately from other jewelry items so as not to scratch it. Some people do not like to take off their platinum wedding rings. Never taking it off could subject the ring to lotions, oils and soaps. These things can make your ring look dull or lose its sparkle. Clean your platinum wedding ring every 1 or 2 months so that it will maintain its fine appearance and last a long time. A few steps are outlined below on how to clean your platinum wedding ring.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • A Corning Ware Dish
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Soft Cloth or Soft Bristled Toothbrush
  • Pre-Packaged Jewelry Cleaner (an optional cleaning method)

Step 1 – Making the Cleaning Solution

Bring to a boil approximately 2 cups of water in a corning ware dish. When water starts boiling, add 2 teaspoons of ammonia and lower the heat to simmer. If you prefer, you can use a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner and skip this step. 

Step 2 – Putting the Platinum Wedding Ring in the Solution

Place the ring in the simmering solution for about 10 minutes. 

Step 3 – Removing and Cooling the Ring

Use tongs to remove the ring from the solution, and allow it to cool to the touch.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Ring

Using a toothbrush, scrub the ring gently and place it back in the water for about 5 minutes. You can also rub it gently using a soft cloth. Clean your platinum wedding ring using this method every 1 or 2 months so that it will maintain its fine appearance and last a long time. If you decide to use a prepackaged jewelry cleaning solution on your ring, do not dip the ring in the cleaner.

Dip a cotton ball or a soft cloth in the cleaner. Rub the cotton ball or cloth gently on the surface of the ring to clean it. Doing this for a few minutes should have your ring glowing like new in no time. If you use a prepackaged jewelry cleaner cloth, follow its packaging instructions on how to thoroughly wipe the ring.

Step 5 – Removing the Ring from the Solution

Take the ring out of the water, and rinse it with clean water. Dab the ring dry with a soft cloth. This cleaning method will help your ring maintain its original glow. Once you have cleaned the ring, keep it in a safe place when not being worn.