Playground Equipment Cleaning Tips

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Playground equipment spends all its time outdoors and is subject to weather damage as well as normal wear and tear so cleaning time is a good time to check for potential problems.

The Playground Surface

This part of the playground is often overlooked but needs to be cleaned as well as the actual equipment. Check for accumulations of dirt or sand that could cause a child to slip and make sure stones and roots are not sticking out to trip or hurt children if they fall. Clean the surface with a good brush.

Wooden Equipment

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Wooden playground equipment and wooden parts of equipment need to be checked for cracks and splinters. If the wood has been painted, stained or varnished and is starting to deteriorate, consider revitalizing the wood as part of the cleaning routine. Generally wood will simply need a good brush down.

Metal and Plastic Equipment

Clean metal and plastic with soap and water. Check for rust spots and deterioration. If the equipment such as teeter-totters or swings have supports or pivots, clean them with an oily rag to remove old grease. Check for excessive wear and apply fresh grease.

Playground equipment is easy to maintain and keep clean.