Pleated Shades

If you want to dress a window very simply but you still need complete privacy, pleated shades are a great option. Pleated shades come in all sorts of colors to match any décor. Pleated shades are relatively inexpensive, but look classy and tailored in every aesthetic.

All About Pleated Shades

Pleated shades can be purchased in any color you desire and made of several different materials. You can find varieties that mount as you would any standard shade or blind, and you can also find pleated shades that mount between panes of glass on both windows and doors. You can even find versions that are meant to install on hard to fit windows such as arched windows and skylights. 

When lowered, pleated shades offer complete coverage but most still allow some light through. When raised, they give an unobstructed view out the window. This makes them a great selection when there are times that you don’t want anyone to see in and other times you want to maximize the view or natural light entering a space.

If your pleated shades break, you don’t have to throw them away. Do an Internet search to look for pleated shades repair and you’ll find dozens of companies that specialize in replacement parts and cords.