Plumb Plumb

In the construction business the term plumb means “exactly perpendicular, vertical”. Carpenters must be certain that their buildings are plumb so that they don’t lean and fall over. To find plumb a carpenter hangs a plumb line (a line from which a weight is suspended to determine verticality) and marks his lines as necessary.

Where to Purchase a Plumb Line

  • Lumber Yard
  • Home Improvement Center
  • Hardware Store
  • Building Supply Center

How to use a Plumb Line

Attach the string of the plumb line to the ceiling at least one inch away from the outside corner of the wall frame. The weight of the plumb will form a perfectly vertical line from the ceiling to the floor. Mark the ceiling points on the floor plates by making a pencil mark after the plumb bob has stopped moving. This mark will be directly below the ceiling spot.

The most common use for a plumb line is for framing up walls. However, there are many other common uses, such as building fences or even hanging pictures.

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