Plumber's Putty

Plumber’s putty is readily available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, or wherever plumbing supplies are sold, and it is considered to be an essential plumbing tool.
Plumber’s putty is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It has the consistency of clay, and it is placed around the base of faucets and around the drain on the inside of the sink. Since Plumber’s Putty is pliable, it is fairly easy to use and mostly mess free. Plumber’s putty should not be confused with or substituted for Teflon tape. As Teflon tape is used on the threads of pipes when being put together to help prevent leaks. On the other hand, plumber’s putty helps prevent leaks, but on items that will not have water pressure behind them.

How to use Plumber’s Putty

Take a small amount of plumber’s putty and work with it. Your body heat will help to soften the putty and make it pliable.

Roll it out in your hand to the desired size and shape.

Apply your plumber’s putty and insert your fitting. The excess putty will then ooze out.

Wipe the excess putty and you should have a water tight seal. Some of the newer faucets come with their own gasket for a water tight seal, but plumber’s putty is still a viable alternative.