Plumbing School vs On the Job Training

If you are considering becoming a plumber you may want to be looking into the benefits of going to plumbing school verses on the job training. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are making your decision.

Plumbing School

The main reason that many people want to go to plumbing school over just on the job training is that it is hard to actually find a job and show that you are qualified if you do not have some sort of degree or certification showing that you have experience. While plumbing school will delay your time in getting a job and cost you money, it does show that you have made that effort to get educated on plumbing and you have learned the proper techniques to do the job right when you graduate and actually get one.

On the Job Training

On the job training also has many benefits as well as downsides. The first main benefit is that you can begin right away and do not have to delay the amount of time you have before working and getting paid as many times you will earn money while you are training and learning. The second benefit ties in as you do not have to attend a full school program which costs time and money. There are downsides though. The first one is that while you are learning hands on rather than from both a text and demonstrations, you may not be learning the proper techniques depending on who may be teaching you. Another reason why on the job training may not be such a safe route is because it can be hard to find a job in the first place without a certification. Or if you are trained on the job and then later lose that job or leave, you do have experience but you can not count on the job training from many places as actual educational training so you may be behind.

Learning style really comes into play when making a decision though between plumbing school and on the job training because some people think watching is better for learning while other people have to actually perform the task in order to be able to learn it and continue on with it. Choosing between going to plumbing school and doing on the job training doesn't have to be exclusive though. You can do both if you have the time and the money which can give you a variety of teachers as well as methods in how to do certain tasks. This is one of the best ideas when it comes to training and preparing to be a plumber. The bottom line is that you need to start out with a list of priorities when you are making your decision to enable yourself to make the right choice for you. Not everyone takes the same route depending on their learning styles, finances, and other factors.