Plush Mattresses vs Pillow Top Mattresses

For quite some time there has been a dispute between plush mattresses and Pillow Top Mattresses. Since the moment that they were created, pillow top mattresses have been growing in popularity. The pillow top mattress is actually a separate piece of cushioning that is placed on top of a regular mattress in order to make it more comfortable. This is a plus in that it prevents the need to buy a new mattress.

However, there are a few downfalls to it. With the added thickness to the mattress, new sheets must be bought, ones that have deep pockets so that they can stretch to the full length of the mattress.  

Image vs Comfort

Another factor is the simple image; your bed will now look about two to three inches thicker. Now many mattresses are made with a built in pillow top layer which they now call plush mattresses. The plush mattress itself varies in that there is an added layer of softness, which is not affected by the original firmness of the mattress. One of the largest benefits to have a plush mattress is that it shares qualities that allow for more firmness for people or more softness depending one a persons personal wants. This makes it an exceptional choice for couples that are sharing a bed. Looking at the two mattress types together, they are very similar in many aspects.  

The Cost

Perhaps the final decision breaker will come from the cost differences. A Plush mattress can range anywhere from $250 to $350 dollars, whereas pillow top mattresses will cost about $200 more.