Pocket Door Handles: Installation and Quick Fixes Pocket Door Handles: Installation and Quick Fixes

Many homeowners have come to appreciate the convenience and space efficiency provided by pocket doors. Fortunately, pocket door handles are fairly easy to install and to fix if they become broken. 

To begin an installation or repair project you will first need to determine which type of pocket door handle you have. Most pocket doors are one of two types. The first is the concealed pull, which allows you to grab the door with a flip latch when pushed in. The second type is the flush pull, which is embedded in the door. 

Once you've determined your pocket door handle type take accurate measurements of the door in order to buy the correct parts at your local hardware store. Unless the problem is as simple as a missing screw, it will be just as easy to replace the whole handle than individual parts.

Remove the old handle by unscrewing the hardware and pulling the handle out. You may need to jimmy it a little. If you have the correct size pocket door replacement kit, you can easily install it by following the manufacturers’ instructions. It is usually a simple matter of sliding the new handle into place and putting in the screws tightly enough to avoid loosening and catching on the door jamb. 

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