Pointers for Keeping Vinyl Flooring Tiles Clean Pointers for Keeping Vinyl Flooring Tiles Clean

Vinyl flooring tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners. They are generally simple to install and easy to clean and maintain. By following some easy tips, you will be able to keep your vinyl floor tiles looking brand new.

Finishing the Tiles

Apply a floor finish to seal and protect your vinyl tiles. This finish will also create a glossy shine on the vinyl. Be sure to consider the costs and quality of the finishes available before you make your purchase.

Preventing Dirt Build-Up

You can prevent the build up of dirt and debris by cleaning your floors regularly and by laying floor mats in high traffic areas. Dust mop the floor regularly as well. This will prevent any debris from scratching the vinyl tiles. Clean up spills as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Regularly

Use a pH neutral floor cleaner to wet mop your floors on a regular basis. This type of cleaner will prevent any haze from developing on the tiles. Buff the floor after cleaning it. Rinse the floor with hot water, and then suction up the water with a wet vac. Buff the floor again.

Applying Spray Buff

Apply spray buff to your floors in between your regular cleaning sessions. Spray a mist onto a small area of the floor. Buff the misted floors until they shine.

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