Pointers for Laying Recycled Rubber Flooring Pointers for Laying Recycled Rubber Flooring

When it comes to laying down recycled rubber flooring, it is fairly simple to install. There are three ways of putting down this type of flooring: interlocked tiles, laying it down loose, or using an adhesive.

Interlocking Tiles

The interlocking rubber tiles are the ones that go down the easiest. You merely have to put down the recycled rubber flooring together piece by piece, as the name suggests, they interlock with each other.

These can be installed plain, but it’s recommended that you put them down using double stick tape to avoid slipping.

Glued Down Method

This method requires you spread special glue on the subfloor. Be careful when doing this, as the floor has to be free of any moisture and be perfectly clean and smooth. Then, after you have cut them to the proper size, you roll out the recycled rubber flooring over the adhesive. Or if you are using tiles, place them carefully one by one on the adhesive in the proper places. It’s a good idea to run a heavy roller over the rubber to make sure it is properly glued down and snug to the subfloor.

Double Stick Tape Method

First you have to make sure the floor is clean and ready for installation. Then you lay out the recycled rubber flooring in the pattern you want and make sure it fits properly. Then, put the double stick tape on the edges of the flooring. Make sure it is properly sticking to the floor by using a roller on it.

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