Pointers for Painting Wooden Modular Shelves Pointers for Painting Wooden Modular Shelves

Modular shelves are a practical type of shelving system. Their main aim is to make the most effective use of space, while also being easily adjustable. In order to improve the look, and ultimately, the condition of your modular shelves, it is a good idea that you paint them. Here are a few points to bear in mind when painting modular shelves.

The Paint

Primarily, you should select a type of paint which is suitable for the shelving material. Secondly, it is best to apply more than just one coating of paint. Once the first coating has been given enough time to dry, apply a second coating.

The Method of Application

Whenever possible, it is best to disassemble the shelves prior to painting to be able to paint more freely and neatly. Paint one piece at a time. You can either use a paintbrush, a roller, or an airbrushing tool. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure you apply an even coating.

Final Touches

Once the paintwork is ready, you can re-assemble your modular shelves. If there are cases in which, due to nails, screws, or any other attachments or fixtures, you notice holes or unpainted parts, make sure you fix them. Fill any holes with wood putty, and once it has dried up, sand it. Then, repaint such areas as neatly as possible.

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