Polishing Interior Concrete Floors

What You'll Need
Dust mop
Warm water
Mild cleaner
Wet mops
Floor polishing machine
Concrete floor buffer
Discs, 500-grit, 1,000-grit, 1,500-grit
Concrete floor polish

Concrete floors are amongst the most popular, both for interior and exterior purposes. This is partly because concrete produces some of the most durable floors, especially when properly installed. Regular maintenance also helps to extend the life of concrete surfaces. You need to clean the floor regularly to keep it in good condition. It is also a good idea to seal and polish concrete periodically. Polish gives concrete a luster which enhances its appearance. You can rent the polishing machines from a home improvement store. Below is a guide to help you polish your interior concrete floor.

Step 1 – Sweep

It is a good idea to sweep your concrete floor before you polish. This will remove the loose debris which leaves you with a cleaner surface in readiness for polish. Run a dust mop over the floor to clear dust and fine particles.

Step 2 – Clean with Soapy Water and Rinse

Fill a bucket with warm water and add in some mild cleaner. Mix thoroughly with your hand so that the soap is evenly distributed. Fill another bucket with plain water. This will be used to rinse the floor. Dip a mop into the soapy water and wring well. Clean the floor in small sections.

As you clean each section with the soapy water, go over the section with a mop wrung in plain water. This helps to remove the soapy residue. When you work the floor in sections, it also helps to ensure that no part remains wet for long. Extended periods of wetness can cause stains and discoloration. Allow the floor 2-3 hours to air dry.

Step 3 – Polish with Coarse Disc

Place a 500-grit disc in the floor polishing machine. Polish your floor in circular motions. Begin at one end and move upwards, then to the next section until you’ve polished the entire floor. The coarse disc helps to get rid of rough areas, indentations and blemishes on your floor. Avoid overlaps as it will prevent a uniform appearance on your floor.

Step 4 – Polish with Fine Disc

Change to the 1,000-grit fine disc. Proceed to work over the entire floor in the same way as outlined in Step 3. The fine grit disc should clear any residual stains on your floor.

Step 5 – Switch to Extra Fine Disc

Replace the 1,000-grit disc with a 1,500-grit disc to create a glass-like sheen on your floor. Work the entire floor in circular motions. Overlap the circles as you polish for a nice finish.

Step 6 – Use Concrete Floor Polish

Apply floor polish over the entire floor with the concrete floor buffer. Work in small sections and move from side to side until you’ve polished the entire floor. Be sure to overlap as you polish so that you can attain a high gloss finish. The polish helps to seal the floor surface. This protects against stains and scratches.