Polishing Slate Tiles Easily Polishing Slate Tiles Easily

What You'll Need
Mop or floorcloth
Broom or vacuum cleaner
Soft Rags
Stone Cleaner

In order to keep slate tiles is good condition, it is important that you polish them from time to time. Let us outline the main steps involved to carry out this task successfully.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust and dirt. Then use a mop or a dampened soft floorcloth to remove any residue. You may also wish to add some cleanser to the water. However, make sure to use a neutral type which is suitable for slate tiles. Acidic based cleansers are not suitable for slate tiles.

Step 2 - Apply Stone Sealer

Once the floor has been cleaned and allowed to dry, apply some stone sealer to the tiles.

Step 3 - Apply Wax

Next, apply a coating of wax. Both commercial and household types of wax can work well. Place a small amount of wax onto a soft rag, and then start rubbing into the slate tiles. Once you have finished, buff the floor a second time using a clean rag. This will help to bring out a better result and a more polished, shiny look.

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