Polyblend Grout Polyblend Grout

Polyblend grout is cement that’s finely ground; it is designed to fill the gaps between tiles and set them in place. It’s specially made for interior tiling with added polymer for improved stain resistance, color consistency and increased flexibility than regular mortar. You can match the color of your grout to your tiles since it comes in different colors.


Polyblend grout can be mixed with water using a putty knife. The amount of water needed will depend on the brand of grout. Pour a small amount of water on the bucket and grout enough to cover it and stir. Make sure the grout’s consistency is similar to cake frosting or thick mud. To get the right consistency, alternately add grout and water. Allow it to sit in the bucket for 10 minutes to make sure the chemicals are well blended.


To apply grout, scoop it using a rubber grout towel, spread it over the surface and press it down into the gaps between the surface materials. After spreading it, squeeze it off the surface using the towel’s edge and run the edge vertical to the gaps. Allow the grout to sit in the gaps for a minute and then use a sponge to wipe the surface. Wipe away the excess grout on the surface, but don’t dig it out of the gaps. Make sure the gaps are even and smooth, and allow it to dry.

You can use polymer grout inside or outside your house. You may use polyblend grout in many various types of materials such as pavers, porcelain, ceramic tile, brick, terrazzo, slate, granite, glass stiles and natural stone.

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