Polyurethane Corbels Polyurethane Corbels

Polyurethane Corbels can give you a custom look to both the inside and outside of your home without the expense and upkeep of wood. Once in place, they withstand the elements and will need attention only if you wish to clean them or paint them a new color.

On the outside of your home polyurethane corbels can be used to define architectural features such as appearing to support posts or overhangs, for porch posts and railings and to add a decorative touch. They come in many designs and architectural styles, are easy to install and paint to match your home. Home owners in historic areas who are doing extensive rehabilitations often will turn to these for cost, ease of use and availability in multiple styles and sizes. Most historic preservation groups will approve their use and may be able to direct you to good sources.

On the inside of your home polyurethane corbels can be used in numerous ways to define architecture, create focal points, support shelving areas and create beautiful fireplace mantels. The cost to hire a carpenter to create these features can be out of the budget for most homeowners, so these offer a viable alternative for a custom look. They can be finished with paint or stain, come in various architectural styles and many sizes for various applications.

Your local do-it-yourself home center is a wonderful source for these and many of these stores will also offer custom orders from their manufacturers.

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