Seasonal Decorating With Pomegranates

Ready to deck the halls? Consider the pomegranate. With its rich burgundy-red color and beautiful texture, this fascinating fruit can be used to create the most sensational and lasting seasonal displays. Here are a few tips on working with this decorative treasure:

  • When selecting pomegranates, look for color, size and general appearance. Fresh pomegranates, such as those from Pom Wonderful, are available in stores from October through December.
  • Decorations don't have to be complicated. Displaying pomegranates in a glass bowl makes a striking seasonal statement.
  • To attach pomegranates to a garland or wreath, pierce the base of the fruit (opposite the crown) with a heavy gauge florist wire (#16 gauge is recommended). Place the wire into the body of the garland or wreath and twist together several times to hold the fruit in place. For large pomegranates, insert two wires in a crisscross pattern at the base of the fruit.
  • To make pomegranates shine, apply a light coat of cooking oil to the surface. Remove excess with a paper towel and buff the surface until it shines.
  • Pomegranates are easily dried. Select the freshest available fruit and space wide apart on a wire rack so that they get plenty of air circulation. Leave for several weeks. Dried whole pomegranates last for months, making beautiful year-round decorations.

Here's an easy floral arrangement you can create in under 30 minutes. The white flowers will remind your guests of the white snow, the pine cones are suggestive of nature, and the crimson red pomegranates evoke the holiday season.

Pom Garden

  • 9 Pom Wonderful pomegranates
  • 2 fresh evergreen branches (Noble fir or Douglas fir)
  • 2 fresh seeded eucalyptus stems (leaves removed)
  • 1 bulb pot of paperwhite narcissus (8 inches wide x 4 inches high)
  • 1 round silver tray (14- to 15-inch diameter)
  • 12 small natural pine cones
  • 8 small red matte ornaments (35 mm)

1. Place the potted narcissus in the center of the silver tray.
2. Surround the pot with nine pomegranates. Space them evenly.
3. Add pieces of evergreen, seeded eucalyptus, pine cones and ornaments to cover and conceal the bulb pot.

Create this holiday arrangement in less than 30 minutes, with festive pomegranates.

Courtesy of NAPS