Pond Aerator - Why You Should Use One?

A pond aerator is a vital part of any fish keeper’s garden pool. Like all animals, fish make use of oxygen only in this case the oxygen is dissolved in water. Lack of sufficient oxygen in pond water has been identified as one major reason why pond fish die unexpectedly. A pond aerator is important for the reason that it facilitates supplementary aeration of the pond water.

The Dynamics of a Pond

To understand why supplementary oxygen is required one has to understand some dynamics about a fish pond. There are two main factors that impact on the oxygen volume in the water. The first factor has to do with the quantity of fish in the pond. If the pond contains a large number of fish then chances are that some will succumb to lack of oxygen; a pond aerator will boost water oxygen levels for the fish. The second consideration has to do with the algae and water plants that many allow to grow at the bottom of the pond. Algae and water plant growth requires oxygen more so during the night. If both the fish and the algae are sharing the same oxygen volume then incidences of fish death will definitely be experienced sometime. This is all the more reason to invest in a good pond aerator.

The importance of a pond aerator also comes to the fore during the intense summer temperatures. During this season pond water tends to become less oxygenated and the fish have to grapple with this situation day and night, especially when the pond also hosts plants and algae. A pond aerator works very well when its efforts are supplemented by other pro-oxygen equipment including rings and airstones. The equipment is placed at the bottom of the fish pond together with the pond aerator. They however do require an air pump which acts to force air through them. The air is, in turn, released as bubbles which boosts oxygen levels for the fish as well.

On the pond surface the pond aerator’s role can be supplemented through the use of waterfalls. Many people have installed such devices to their backyard ponds. A waterfall ensures that the pond water does not remain stagnant. As the water moves into and out of the pool in cycles is the oxygenation improved. Using a waterfall and a pond aerator in the hot summer season is very advisable. Waterfalls are not only good for the fish but are a pleasant sight to behold in your backyard and the sound of flowing water can be very relaxing.

For a good pond aerator you can always go for the solar-driven type. These pond aerators often come with batteries. During the day they are fueled by the sun and the battery also stores energy which is used for power during the night.