Pond Skimmer Filter Cleaning Instructions

A pond skimmer is essential tool in maintaining a clean, healthy garden pond free of debris, pests, and biological hazards. Keeping the pond skimmer filter clean and unobstructed is the key to maintaining its effectiveness.

Empty the Basket Regularly

Most pond skimmers have a basket underneath the pump that attaches to the wall of the pond. Its purpose is to catch larger debris that may get sucked through the skimmer. Make sure this basket stays clean and unobstructed to avoid blockages. The basket is the easiest part of the filter to clean.

Clean the Pre-filter

Most of the better skimmers on the market incorporate a pre-filter or a secondary filter in the unit, usually a pad or brush. Designed to catch larger debris before it reaches the skimmer, pre-filters can generally be cleaned off with your hands or with a small hose. Since pre-filters draw larger debris you won’t have to deal with sludge.

Clean the Entire Pond Skimmer Unit

Taking the time to clean the whole unit from time to time will extend the life of your pond skimmer. First, remove the unit and inspect it. Change any pads that may be in the unit and give it a good hosing down. You will want to avoid using any household chemicals or cleaning supplies, as these can leak back in to the pond, contaminating the water.