Pond Spitter vs Waterfall or Fountain

A pond spitter adds to the aesthetic appeal of your pond. It is not very difficult to install if you have some basic skills and all the necessary components. There are a lot of benefits of using a pond spitter when compared to a waterfall or a fountain.

Pond Spitter Less Expensive to Install

Installing a pond spitter is a lot less expensive compared to setting up an artificial waterfall or your own fountain. Installation doesn't require many components, and they cost a lot less than those needed for a waterfall or fountain.

Less Energy Consumption

A pond spitter uses much lesser energy than its competitors. Since the spitter needs a small pump to function, it consecutively draws less energy and thus has a smaller impact on the surrounding environment than waterfalls and fountains.

Pond Spitters are Easy to Install

A pond spitter is very easy to install and takes a minimal amount of time compared to the waterfall and the fountain. The best part is that it does not require you to reorganize your landscaping (as a waterfall would require); you just add it to your pond.

Appealing Factor

Pond spitters are both visually as well as acoustically appealing. They add a charm that is distinct to them, and the soothing sound made by them is even known to be therapeutic.