Pool Deck Design: Start to Finish

A successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors, including materials, layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. The design appeal of the deck is another important factor to consider. By taking pool deck design one step at a time, you can make sure your finished deck complements your home, yard and pool and provides all the features you need.

1 - Choose a Pool Deck Material
The first step in pool deck design is choosing the material for the deck. This choice will influence many elements of the design. There are a variety of materials to consider.

Concrete decks offer versatility and affordability. Concrete can be colored or textured and can even be treated to replicate more expensive materials like slate and granite.
Wood, like concrete, is an inexpensive material for a pool deck. Special stains and sealers need to be used to create a non-slip surface.
Ceramic tile decks are a versatile choice, though more expensive than concrete or wood. Like concrete, ceramic tile can be made to imitate other materials. Tile can also be used to create mosaics as part of the pool deck design.
Stone decks represent the high end of pool deck design. Rough hewn sandstone, granite and marble are all well suited for pool decks.

2 - Find the Best Location for your Pool Deck
When choosing a location, take into account the path of the sun and note which areas are in shade at different times of the day. Also note yard landscaping features that you may want to build around. If your pool is near your home, you may want to attach the deck to the house. In this case, you'll need a pool deck design which blends with the house design.

3 - Decide on a Pool Deck Layout
The layout of the pool deck is an important consideration. Layout decisions include size and shape of the deck. Begin by considering how the deck will be used. Are you planning to entertain on the deck? Do you want a barbecue grill on the deck? What type of deck furniture do you want? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start to look at layout designs. You will find many possible layouts by searching the Internet and in books and magazines.

4 - Add Special Features to Your Pool Deck
There are several features which have become popular and which greatly enhance a pool deck. One of these is a hot tub. If a hot tub fits into your plans, think about where it makes sense to put it in relation to the pool and whether you want benches around it. Another special feature is an outdoor kitchen. Many homeowners are going beyond the barbecue grill and adding sinks and refrigerators to their pool deck designs.

5 - Get a Professional Opinion From a Pool Designer
Consulting a professional pool designer during the pool deck design process will give you a good idea of the many possibilities available to you and will help you find a design which complements your home. A professional designer can provide advice about materials and layout and can help you get a set of blueprints to work from.