Pool Deck Designs Pool Deck Designs

Pool deck designs vary with pool shape and personal taste. The following article will fly you over ideas for design, materials, layout and maintenance.

Design Ideas

You are the artist. Your canvas is blank and your options infinite. Before you brush the first stroke to design your new pool deck, consider these items:

  • The type and shape of our pool
  • The location the deck will occupy in your yard
  • The look you desire

The type and shape of your pool will influence design choices. Is it above ground? In-ground? Round? Oblong? Kidney shaped? The shape of the pool will dictate the shape of your deck around the pool but not the overall size and additional functions.

Will your pool and deck be close to your home or in a corner of the yard? Locations near your home will require building materials and colors that blend with your home. Further away, you may choose to design a tropical backyard getaway, like walking from your patio door to a Caribbean Island in just a few short steps.

Do see people gathered on your deck, laughing and socializing, or are the children and their friends playing water polo while you recline in the sun? Do you have picture book clippings illustrating the perfect look for your backyard? The paragraphs below will help you to blend these dreams and ideas for your perfect pool deck.


The type of pool you have or will build influences materials that you'll use to construct your deck. Above ground pool decks are typically elevated so that they are level with the top of the pool. Wood or composite decking are the best choices for these applications. To allow for a liner change, construct your deck so that it meets but does not extend over the pool's edge. Liner replacement requires access to the pool's edge cap.

An in-ground pool might incorporate wood, composites, concrete with faux finishes, tile, brick or stone.


The layout of your pool deck incorporates several elements: The pool's shape, the type of pool, location on your property, and the uses you envision.

Shape, type and location have been discussed, but the deck's use will also influence its layout. The first consideration is its functionality as an entrance into the pool. The deck must be wide enough so that one person can comfortably stand near the pool without feeling as if they're balancing on a beam.

Will you entertain on the deck? If so, the pool deck's layout should allow space for folks to congregate comfortably. How about grilling, or do you have a focal point like a waterfall in mind? Allow space for these functions and design elements as well.


You'll want to enjoy your pool deck, so choose materials that don't require extended maintenance. For instance, if your first thought is wood consider Cedar, Redwood or composites. The cost is higher, but these three materials offer greater weatherability than does pressure treated pine.

Concrete, tile and stone require some maintenance thought too. They offer greater resistance to weather, but they are not always perfect solutions. Power washing mold from a porous deck, for example, is tedious because that kind of surface allows the little organic rascals plenty of foothold.

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