Pool Diving Board Maintenance Tips

Pool diving boards can be rather dangerous especially if they are not well maintained. Poolside accidents have a tendency to be particularly agonizing, which is why no efforts should be spared in making pool diving boards the safest they can be.

Monitor the Diving Board's Condition

Monitor the condition of the board's fiberglass covering which conceals the wooden plan that is your diving board. If this covering gets cracked, it could cause wood rot in the underlying timber. Such a board may give-way and break any time which may cause injury to a swimmer.

Another aspect that needs to be taken care of regards the non-slip covering that these planks are usually surfaced with. Due to repeated friction between the divers’ feet and the board, this covering will wear out. Instead of diving, swimmers might fine themselves prematurely falling off the board.

Maintenance Tasks

The most problematic parts to take care of are the fulcrum, hinges, and guardrails. By regularly checking on these several of the problems that you may face may be averted in time.

Your inspection rounds should include a check on the hinges that join the diving stand and diving board together. Some of the common problems at this joining point will include lose bolts which allow the hinges room for rattling. Alternatively, it could be that the ‘O’ rings and nyliners that bind the hinge components together are worn out through cracking.

The diving stand is usually affixed to the guardrails with bolts. As the pool board continues to be in use it is inevitable that these bolts will vibrate all the way to looseness and may even fall off entirely. This implies that the guardrails will no longer be firm for use. Such bolts should be replaced with new ones that have newer threads for secure fastening.

It is also in order to check if the fulcrum wheel has the tendency to roll off the pool diving board’s rubber strips. The importance of the fulcrum in facilitating dive board position adjustment is critical. If the fulcrum has rolled off the diving board's rubber strips, it means that the diving board was installed incorrectly. In this situation, you must reinstall the pool diving board.