Pool House Floor Plan Ideas Pool House Floor Plan Ideas

A pool house can be an ideal use of space that you have close to a swimming pool, providing a convenient place for swimmers to change, dry off or relax before and after going in the water. This will make it necessary to complete a design before construction takes place. Building the structure from scratch will enable you to design floor plans to your precise specifications, to ensure that the pool house meets your needs.


Building a pool house is a great opportunity to play with the shape of the building, according to the footprint that you have to play with. The dimensions of the footprint for the structure will determine the eventual size of the pool house and the rooms within it. This will need to be considered from the outset if you want the rooms to be of a certain size. When considering the outlay of the footprint, you may also decide that an outdoor shower will be a useful addition. A porch should be considered in the same way as this will take up part of the footprint.


It will be necessary to decide on the number of rooms that will form the pool house. As the overall size will be the first consideration, the number of rooms will have to be carefully decided, as this will dictate the size of them. Make yourself aware of every single room that will be required within the pool house, and the sizes you expect them to be.


External conditions must be taken into account, when thinking about the floor plan for a pool house. The manner in which the sun rises and sets should determine where windows should be positioned, which will give you the most amount of sunlight. The doors will also need to be considered to ensure that access will be easy.


The decision on the types of rooms that the pool house should contain must be made in accordance with the level of convenience. For example, consider whether a reception area is needed and how large this should be. Similarly, the type of rooms should be considered, such as a wet room instead of a standard bathroom. When choosing the rooms that will make up part of the floor plan, you will also need to ensure that this use is permitted under the zoning regulations.


When considering where to position the rooms within the pool house, you need to take into account the manner in which it will be used. For example, if the pool house will comprise a shower to allow users of the swimming pool to rinse off when necessary, this will need to be conveniently placed. Putting a shower room and changing area at the front of the property will make them easier to get to after than the pool has been used, rather than tracking water and debris through several areas. When it is necessary to place the shower area in a rear point of the property, ensure that the route to it is a direct one. 

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