Pool Pump Broken: Alternative Ways to Drain

An outdoor pool.

It's time to close down your pool and you find that your pool pump has become broken. You need to get the water drained out of the pool so that you can winterize it properly. So, now what do you do? You actually do not need to run to the store or call your pool service to replace your pump right away. You can wait to replace the pump until the start of the next season. You need a little patience and a little time, but you can successfully drain your pool water by following one of the ways discussed below.

Siphon the Water

Take out a garden hose and throw one end of the garden hose into the pool. Make sure the garden hose end gets all the way to the bottom portion of the pool. If it does not settle there on its own, get into the pool and push it to the bottom. You can also use something to tie it to the bottom of the pool or to weigh it down so that it stays in place. Once you have it in place, get out of the pool and grab the other end of your garden hose.

This part is not all that much fun, but you will need to place your mouth around the end of the house and suck out the air until your lips or mouth comes in contact with some of the pool water. At that point, you can spit the water out and place the hose on the ground. The water will continue to flow until the other end of the hose comes in contact with air and gets air pockets or bubbles. Siphoning the water out in this manner should get almost all of it out of the pool.

Get Out the Buckets

An outdoor pool.

If your pool is small enough, you may be able to enlist the help of a few friends and bucket your way out. You will probably need several friends and several buckets. You will also need a place to dump all the excess water you are grabbing and pulling out of the pool.

Rent a Trash Pump

If you have a large in-ground pool, you should think about renting a trash pump. This is the most effective way to draining an in-ground pool. Take a trip to your local rental store and pick up the pump for rent. They usually can be rented for less than $100 a day.

Use Your Vacuum Pump

A pool at night.

Do you have a creepy crawler? You can substitute your regular pump by using the vacuum pump instead. In order to do this effectively, you will need to connect the vacuum pole to the vacuum head. Then, you will need to use a discharge hose and pump. From there you will pump the pool water lower with the vacuum pump.