Pool Refinishing Pool Refinishing

What You'll Need
Power washer
Watering can
Muriatic acid
Concrete primer
Paint roller
Clear coat sealant

Refinishing a pool is much less expensive than replacing it with a newer pool. When someone wants to upgrade their existing pool, refinishing the pool can be done with basic techniques. Refinishing a pool is much like what you would do with an old tub or shower unit but on a much larger scale. This project requires a lot of time, labor, and possibly some rented equipment. If the concrete in your pool is looking rather bad, then here are the steps to take to refinish it for a new look.

Step 1 - Drain Pool

Before doing any kind of work to the pool surface you will need to drain the pool completely of any water. Once the water gets to a level that the pump will not remove the water, use a sump pump. Make sure the pool is free from any water.

Step 2 - Clean Pool

Use a power washer and go over the entire surface of the pool. The water from the power washer will remove any dirt build up and algae that is on the surface. Use a soapy solution in the water for harder stains. Once the cleaning is complete, remove the water and dirt with a pump and broom.

Step 3 - Give Pool Acid Bath

In order to get rid of any of the finish that was on the concrete, and to whiten it more, a muriatic acid bath is needed. Mix 1 gallon of the acid with 1 gallon of clean water. Pour the acid into the water in a metal bucket and stir with a dowel. Pour the mixture into a watering can. Pour some of the acid solution onto a small section of the concrete. Let it set there for about 30 seconds and then wash off with a hose. Repeat this process until the entire pool surface has been washed. 

Step 4 - Fill In Cracks

Once the pool has had 24 hours to dry from the acid wash, you can then fix any cracks that are in the concrete. Mix up some cement with the sand and some water according to packaged instructions. Use a small bucket or wheelbarrow to mix it in. Trowel the cement into the cracks and make sure they are completely full. Use a wood float to smooth out the surface and make level with the surrounding surface. 

Step 5 - Apply Paint Primer

After the concrete has had a time to cure, usually about 24 hours, then you can apply some primer to the pool's surface. The primer is important for the finished clear coating to adhere to the concrete. Apply the primer with a paint roller and make sure to cover the entire surface. Let it dry to a tacky feel and apply a second coat.

Step 6 - Finish With Clear Coat

Using another paint roller, apply a first coat of clear coat sealer. Let it dry for at least 48 hours and then apply another coating. Make sure that the surface is clean before this second coat is applied. Wait another 72 hours before you add any water to the pool 

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