Pool Shower Fixture Installation

What You'll Need
PVC Primer
Post Hole Diggers
Tape Measure
Work Gloves
PVC Cutters
Safety Glasses
PVC Glue
9 Foot Post
Utility Knife

pool shower is a great way to rinse off both before and after you jump into a pool. It is convenient on a hot summer day. You will find that installing the fixtures can be a difficult task if you do not have the proper tools or understand the necessary steps to take. However, with the right equipment and know-how the job itself can be done fairly easily.

Step 1 – Prepare

You will first need to get the layout of your shower figured out. For instance, the height of your shower head and if you are using only cold water are things that you should consider. Measure the area so that you will be able to get enough PVC pipe that will reach the nearest faucet. Make sure that you are aware of all the different connectors that you will need to have before you make a trip to the store. This will end up saving you some trouble.

Step 2 – Trench

Whenever you are trenching for your pool shower faucet make sure that it is no less than six inches deep. You can even go as deep as eighteen inches if you wish. It is important to remember that the line itself can be disconnected if you live in an area that freezes. Just make sure that you will not have any issues with digging into your pipe once it has already been laid.

Step 3 – Support Column

A support column is needed at this point. Get your shower pole installed by getting your post hole diggers out and digging a two foot hole. Make sure that the soil is packed around your post after it has been set to make sure that it is sturdy. If you need it to be sturdier add an additional four inches and put in concrete.

Step 4 – Pipe Installation

A female coupling will need to be installed. Make sure that it is able to reach your hose faucet. Once you have done this you are ready to get the pipe installed in the trench. Make sure that you cut the pipe and mark it along the way. Use the PVC primer so that the pipe will be clean before you glue it. Get the vale installed at the pole of the shower. It should be at about your waste. A ninety degree elbow needs to be at both the top and the bottom. Lastly, strap your PVC to hold the pole in place.

Step 5 – Shower Installation

The section of eight inch PVC needs to be at the top with a coupling that is forty five degrees attached. Get a smaller piece of the PVC and attach it to the male coupling thread and shower head.