Pool Water Slide: Better to Buy or Rent? Pool Water Slide: Better to Buy or Rent?

While a pool water slide can be expensive to buy, it can provide your family many hours of recreational use. But if you will be using the slide only periodically, renting may be a better option. A swimming pool slide rental service can provide slides for periods as long as the entire summer or as short as 8 hours for a birthday party or event.

Cost of Renting vs. Buying

Decide whether to rent or buy is a simple matter of determining how many days you'll be likely to use the slide. Prices vary on the models available, but the purchase prices of pool water slides are roughly 10 times the one-day rental fee. So, if you can see yourself renting a slide ten times in the foreseeable future, it is better to buy one outright. On the other hand, if you're an empy-nester and your grandchildren visit once or twice over the summer, renting would be more cost effective. 

Sampling Different Slides

One distinct advantage of renting a pool water slide compared to owning one is that renting allows you to sample the many designs, shapes and sizes on the market as well as the luxury of trying out new designs and models as they become available.

A Slide to Grow with Your Family

If you have very young children, your family will enjoy having a cute, colorful toddler slide at summer barbecues and parties for a couple of years. But as the kids get older they will want a larger, more challenging slide. Renting pool water slides gives you the flexibility to upgrade as your family grows and saves you the trouble of having to dispose of a toddler slide after a few years.

Storage Issues

If you live in a cold region where swimming pools have to be drained in the winter, you may have to remove and store your slide annually (depending on which model slide you have). If you have enough storage space, owning is a good option. Also, if the pool water slide is an inflatable one and the pool is too far away from the house to run a cable, you may need a generator, which will also have to be stored in the off season. Again, if you have adequate storage space, you'll be fine. But if your pool takes up most of the space in the yard and your garage is bursting at the seams, renting a pool slide might be the better option because the rental company will pick it up and take it away.

Maintenance Issues

If you rent your pool water slide, the rental company takes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the product. On the other hand, if you buy a pool slide, you are on your own! So before buying a pool slide, decide whether you have the time or the inclination to add another maintenance routine to your list of chores.

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