Popular Brick Vinyl Siding Colors Popular Brick Vinyl Siding Colors

While it may sound like a contradicting term, brick vinyl siding is an up and coming style that many people are liking the looks of. This style of vinyl siding has the old world look of brick but without the heavy expense and labor involved in installing it. Real stone products are often used in making the mold so that the brick vinyl siding has the same exterior look. If you are looking into brick vinyl siding, here are some popular colors to choose from.

Colonial White

Many people would think that the basic red brick would be the one that most people choose. However, a colonial white color is very popular among people who want to create a basic look with a brick face. 

Char Brown

An option of brick vinyl siding in a char brown color is also very popular among modern homeowners who want the look of a brick face on the exterior of their home. The darker look also helps the home blend in if there is a lot of trees and plants around the landscape. 

Buff Blend

This color is a blend of both red hues and brown. Typically, the siding is a mosaic of the two colors, with some bricks colored red and others brown. It has a buffed exterior look, goes great with a larger home, and is perfect for accenting certain areas. 

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