Popular Ceramic Tile Shower Designs

When you decide to redecorate your bathroom, or if you are going to install a completely new ceramic tile shower, you will undoubtedly feel somewhat stressed because the process ultimately involves a lot of planning, dirt and expenses. However, at the end of the day when the bathroom is ready you are bound to feel pleased with the final result and consider the whole hassle to be worthwhile. Nevertheless, this will be the case only if you make it a point to carry out careful planning and selection. The most important choice you have to make is which type of ceramic tile designs to use.


If you want your bathroom to be of an elegant ambiance it is best that you choose tiles that have stylish and neat design. Polished tiles usually provide this look. Marble is a beautiful choice but has the disadvantage of being very slippery. Other tiles which are somewhat elegant feature matte or rustic finishes.

Handmade Tiles

Another option is to opt for handmade tiles which are a specialization of some decorative ceramic tile studios. In such as case you can go for designs which feature an artistically scattered effect that looks a little like a collage except that it is in tile form. There are hand-painted ceramic tiles as well. Besides choosing your favorite color schemes, you would also have the possibility to choose a different shape for your tiles rather than the standard squarish or rectangular ones, since in this case they would be custom made for you. Some options also include making up a picture with flowers, leaves, fish, birds and practically any scene or anything you might dream of, especially for your shower floor or murals. Basically you can be as creative as much as you wish. Such tile designs are practically works of art because they often feature beautiful scenes, colors and images and every little detail is taken into account including the tile grout.

Victorian Designs

Tiles can be used to suggest a particular time period. Victorian designs are amongst the most popular tile designs. These usually feature elegant colors, which are not too bright, set out in squarish layouts and patterns. They provide an antique ambiance to the room and take into account borders and geometry in their patterns.

Effects on Room Dimensions

Tile shower designs can help in reestablishing your room dimensions. Some designs will help to make your bathroom look bigger and others will make it look more reserved and private. If you have a small bathroom, you should take care not to exaggerate by including largish designs in your tiles. If, on the other hand, your bathroom is relatively large, you have the ability to select designs which feature small and elaborate patterns. 

When it comes to tiles there are practically limitless designs from which to choose. The vast selection on the market allows you to experiment and be creative to achieve the bathroom with which you will be thrilled.