Popular Cornice Board Patterns

Cornice board patterns have been gaining popularity as a great project to put over your windows for some notewothy results. One of the ways of improving the look and feel of a room in your home is installing what is called a cornice board. A cornice board is an inexpensive or easy-to-make window treatment in the form of a wooden box, typically with some ornate or colorful designs on it. Cornice boards come in various sizes, generally determined by the size of your windows. The variations in design typically range from simple or colorful paint schemes to ornate engravings on the wood, or even just quality wallpaper that may or may not match the rest of the wallpaper in the room. It’s your home and you can design your cornice window treatment any way you’d like. However, there are some popular cornice board patterns that have been noted.


Perhaps the most common cornice board pattern is some form of wallpaper. These are very common because wallpaper is the easiest way to customize and spice up your window’s look and feel. You don’t need a painter’s hand or the steadiness of an engraver to make an attractive cornice treatment if you choose the right kind of wallpaper. For most people who choose this solution, the specific designs often either directly match the wallpaper scheme of the rest of the room, or completely clash with it to really brighten up the window and draw attention to it. Another common choice is to use wallpaper that matches the theme of the room. If the room belongs to a child, a fun wallpaper pattern might be a checkered pattern reminiscent of the checkered flag in auto racing. If the room is a computer room, the wallpaper may have a computer or “geeky” theme to it. Other popular choices include fish, teddy bears and other such fun symbols. There are many possibilities when choosing wallpaper for your cornice treatment.

Customizing Your Pattern

It may be more work, but you’ll be able to put a great personal touch on the cornice treatment itself. Some of the popular patterns include some sort of colored, felt material, but many are paint designs, carving designs or a combination of both. In the case of carving designs, the more popular patterns seem to be very traditional. Think rounded, consistent lines across the length of the cornice. The width and depth of the lines may vary, but you can gain further customization by switching from straight lines to curved lines, or even carve in a first name or family name into the cornice itself. This is especially popular for children’s rooms.

Think Decor

As you can see, regardless of whether or not you want to finish your cornice board with wallpaper, a felt fabric, customized painting or caving work, there are quite a few popular design options. The best and most popular methodology seems to be to mind the general theme of the room or the existing range of color tones, and start planning your cornice treatment based on that. For a child's room, the common choice is to use something fun. Family rooms or adult rooms usually go with something more classic, like an ornate carving with a gentle color scheme, or perhaps some felt material to match the rest of the room. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but don’t hesitate to use the web as a great resource for finding designs that other people came up with. Or perhaps take some time and come up with something truly original for you and your home!