Popular Patterns for Bathroom Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are a practical, functional and aesthetic solution. They shield water from spreading onto the rest of the bathroom whilst determining the decorative outcome of your bathroom accessories. In fact, it is the very first thing one should start from and it is important to look for an impermeable fabric that can be dried and cleaned easily. There are a lot of different and cheap shower curtain patterns to choose from. Although frequently people match their shower curtains to their wall color, choosing a patterned bathroom shower curtain can bring a flair of creativity to your bathroom decor.


One of the most popular trends at the moment is the Retro shower theme. However, a more modernistic taste can be found in the ever-growing trend of the Clear Shower Curtain. Another very popular trend is the Animal Pattern shower curtains which may add some fun to your child’s bath time, and why not, maybe even bring out the child in you. And last but not least, the bathroom shower curtain which never fails to be on any list is the Black and White pattern.

Black and White

For those minded with outlasting fashion, this is the most popular selection. It’s a combination that never wavers in front of popular temporary trends. There is a great variety of such prints, but you can never go wrong in choosing any such pattern. In fact the black and white pattern is a concept extendable to your whole bathroom since these opposite colors are the perfect combination to create a pleasant contrast.

Animal Patterns

This is most popular with kids since the best way to attract your child to the shower is to use his favorite animal. Printed patterns vary from dinosaurs to butterflies. What better way to make a statement in the bathroom is there other than using a very unique design? In fact it is a very popular trend to order such prints custom made from the internet.


A three-dimensional circular pattern projecting towards the outside of the curtain itself is the most suitable pattern for bold personalities thanks to its abstract pattern. It’s most popular with the younger generation and it’s a pattern which brings a lot of liveliness to your bathroom which will surely become a place of fun.


This pattern features the very popular waves of the sixties and seventies, which, back then were in earthly tones. Nowadays they have bright lively colors that are surely to tickle the fancy of anybody with an intrepid heart. Yet, for those who wish to go for a more conservative look, wave pattern curtains can still be easily found in earthly colors. And for those who do not like the retro wave style, there is another variation you might be interested in–the "great wave print" with hues of white and blues that surely will make a contrast with white tiles.

Clear Shower Curtain

This is the most modern of all these popular ideas. One can choose between the completely clear curtains or those with printed pattern. It is the best choice if you do not want to use colors or if you want your curtain to merge onto the wall.

These are only a few of the most popular bathroom shower curtain patterns. The major patterns are the black and white ones and the clear shower curtain. However, all the patterns mentioned above can be customized to one’s likings through professionals over the internet in very easy steps and for a very cheap price.