Popular Printed Carpet Designs Popular Printed Carpet Designs

After all these years, carpet is still the leading choice in terms of home improvement and it is no surprise that printed carpet designs lead the pack. A printed carpet is anything that has a pattern ingrained rather than looking like all one color.

Whether you are remodeling or simply choosing carpet for the first time, think about installing something other than a plain colored carpet. In other words, go for a pattern. A style with a strong design can make or break a room, as well as possibly add value to your home should you plan to sell. Most patterns can blend in with any kind of furniture or decor, and patterns usually dress up a room or area.

Before You Buy

Before heading off to the carpet store, make sure that you have the appropriate floor measurements needed for the area and think about hiring a professional installer to help you get the job done properly.

Here are some of the most popular printed carpet designs currently available at most home improvement stores, design centers or carpeting/flooring establishments.

Floral Patterns

Nothing speaks warmth like a floral carpeting pattern, whether it's large blossoms or delicate flowers. Some of the current floral patterns include light colored flowers in pale tones that resemble real outdoor flowers. There are also bold floral patterns that reflect some of the most beautiful gardens ever created.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric carpet patterns with varying shapes be it circles, rectangles, squares or even lines are creating a major stir on the carpet design home front. These fun patterns are great if you have a Modern or Contemporary decorated home.

Go Ornate

Fleur de leis and other intricate designs that are considered to be fancy or ornate in stature can often help to create a sophisticated, well styled home. Ornate carpet patterns are rich in color and design, and can make any room of the home be a major focal point.

Surely Shag

Even shag carpeting has come of age and can be found in many patterns rather than just simple one-colored choices. Some shags have multiple colored strands woven into their base, which often creates the illusion of a pattern.

Boldly Berber

Berber carpets have long been the choice of homeowners who want either a Contemporary or Modern looking carpet. This low, looped style is considered to be low maintenance and offers many patterns ranging from lush scenes to geometric patterns.

Great Exotics

Some carpet manufacturers are creating standard carpeting choices with Oriental, as well as Persian-influenced designs. Rather than buying an Oriental or Persian rug, it is now possible to install carpet already manufactured to look like one of these popular standalone rugs.

Antique and Revival

If you long for carpeting from another century, there are numerous patterns available that resemble antique and revival period carpets from yesteryear. Lush colors and intricate patterns can make you feel like royalty from another time.

Eco-Friendly Finds

If you're into being green, there are many available carpet patterns created with eco-friendly materials such as recycled and refurbished fibers. Many of these are readily available in patterns that resemble the great outdoors.

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