Porcelain Sink Repair: Scratches

A porcelain sink in a bathroom.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-70
What You'll Need
Soft scrubbing pad
Bar keeper friend cleaner
Porcelain repair kit

You may not have to call a professional to help you with your porcelain sink repair. There are many ways to easily do this yourself. Porcelain sinks look wonderful in your kitchen or bathroom, but they can get scratched easily — especially if it is in the kitchen. If your porcelain sink is showing scratches, here's what you can do to make them disappear.

    Option 1 - Bleach the Sink

    Most of the time scratches are caused by the action of washing pots and pans, as far as the kitchen sink is concerned. You want to avoid scrubbing the bottom of your sink with abrasive cleaners as much as possible to avoid removing the shiny finish of your porcelain.

    As soon as you begin to see scratches on the sink, fill it up with warm water and add about two cups of bleach to it. Do it at night before you go to bed and let the solution work overnight. If the scratches are minor there is a good chance that they will be gone in the morning. Drain the sink and wipe it off.

    This should be done on a regular basis to keep your sink sparkling and white without scrubbing.

    Option 2 - Using Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner

    This commercial cleaner can be found in almost every grocery or hardware store. It is well known for working wonders on not only porcelain but stainless steel as well. It available in the form of scouring powder and recently a scrubbing cream formula was created, so you have two options.

    The cream version will likely be your best bet for white porcelain to prevent scratching off the shine. Just scour the scratches with a soft scrubbing pad. Scratches that are caused by aluminum pans should come off easily when using this product.

    Option 3 - Using a Porcelain Repair Kit

    If the bleach and the bar Keeper Friend cannot remove all the scratches, those remaining ones may be a little deeper than the surface. If you see that scratches are actually small cracks, there is a porcelain repair kit that you will be able to find at your local hardware store. The kit will allow you to remedy the situation yourself.

    The kit comes with an epoxy mix that you can apply with a toothpick to fill the crack. After, you simply wipe off the excess with a sponge. It has to cure for a given amount of time, so make sure you read the label carefully. It comes in different colors, allowing you to match your sink even if it not white. In most cases, you will not be able to tell that there had been any damage in the first place.

    Protecting Your Sink

    Remember that a porcelain sink will always get scratches, and there are steps you should take to protect its surface. One example is to use rubber sink mats in the kitchen to protect the surface on the bottom from the dishes.