Porch Plans to Maximize Limited Space Porch Plans to Maximize Limited Space

Even if you have a limited space, there are porch plans available that will help you make the most of what you have. In fact, small porches are a popular addition to any house, and can be used as extensions for dining rooms or eat-in kitchens. Moreover, you can customize your porch in any way you want with the addition of furniture, pillows, plants or lighting. 

Ideas for Furnishing

Porches are often associated with eating outside, and in this case a table is a must. To maximize space, you should go for a round table, since rectangular or square tables take up more space. As regards the material, wrought iron is highly recommended, since it is weather resistant and very easy to clean. Placing your table in a corner also helps to gain more space, since if you put it in the middle the porch would practically be devoted solely to it.

Porch swings are also very popular, since they help to further decorate the porch and are also very easy to install. If the swings are not merely for decorative purposes and are actually going to be used, make sure you secure them well to the ceiling.

Plants and Greenery

A porch without any natural additions is somewhat bleak. As such, plants are always a welcome addition to a porch, since they make it look attractive and are fairly easy to maintain. If you have a small porch you should opt for hanging baskets since they will not take up any floor space. You may also include hanging baskets of fern down the front, thus leaving room for a porch swing.

Colors and Lights

If you decide to add furniture to your porch, then you should also choose to add colorful accessories to complement. The color scheme of whatever accessories you add is entirely up to you. Brightly colored pots are very popular when it comes to plants, whereas string lights are usually affixed to add more light to the atmosphere. Rugs and pillows are also very suited for porches, since they tend to add a cozy feeling as well as further decorate your porch. In case you have some space to spare, you can also hang other accessories, such as metal sculptures and assorted wind chimes.

Final Thoughts

It is important to keep in mind how many people will need to be accommodated in your porch. Try to complement the type of furniture you use with the number of people who are set to use it. You should also consider installing a ceiling fan for the hot summer temperatures. Small water fountains help to create a relaxing atmosphere together with the right lighting. Finally, try to make the most of oddly shaped porches by utilizing all the spaces well. In this case, the furniture should ideally be built to fit so as to maximize the limited space.

A limited amount of space is no excuse for not having a porch. With the right porch plans, you too can set up a quaint little porch in a small space, while saving on expenses which larger porches inevitably incur.

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