Portable Air Conditioning Units Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioning units offer the flexibility of moving around the house to air condition different rooms. It has a relatively bigger capacity than the mini and small air conditioners. Portable air conditioning units are a bit expensive for are very light and efficiency compared to the output.

Preferred Features of Portable Air Conditioning Units

• The portable air conditioning units must have wheels or other method of movement depending on the size. Smaller units may have handles for lifting
• The area of functioning should be as specified by the manufacturer.
• The portable air conditioning unit should be user friendly and easy to maintain as cleaning and replacing the filter.
• Should be of considerable power consumption to avoid high power bills.
• Should trap and destroy all the allergens. The ease of emptying the filters or the collection plate is paramount...
• Should require the least external assistance as from fans.
• Must be affordable.
• Must include the latest technology with the replacement filters being readily available.
• The size should be fairly small to occupy the least space in the house when not being used.

Just like any other machine, the portable air conditioning units should be well covered to avoid electric leakages and the mechanisms hurting the user.

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