Portable Electric Fence for Bear Protection While Camping

Bears can be kept out of campsite, landfills, campers, cabins, and gain sheds and livestock enclosures and from many other things by using a portable electric fence. Today, there are portable electric fences available that are efficient enough in keeping bears out of your campsite. You can set up these electric fences and make them functional in just two hours. Other types of electric fences that are available today are permanent fences, solar-powered fences and battery-powered fences.

Portable Electric Fence Components

  • Battery, electric fence energizer and earth system – You may need a portable energizer if there is no permanent energizer and earth system already.
  • Tapes, Wires and Braids
  • Reels
  • Portable Electric fencing posts
  • Connector Leads

Two Types of Portable Fence

When temporary protection is required, a portable electric fence is very efficient. For example, back country camps, lambing season or apiaries that move beehives in order to take benefit from pollination would benefit from a portable electric fence. Two types of portable electric fences are available that can be used to prevent bears from entering your camping area. The first one is a positive system while the second one is alternating negative-positive system. For temporary electric fences, two systems have been developed. A 9.1 m X 12.8 m (30-foot X 42-foot) electric fence, which costs around $300 and the other electric fence that can be made by using electro plastic netting or from hot tape that can be attached to trees or posts. The cost ranges from $200 in the case of hot tape while the price for electro-plastic netting is $750 US Dollars (USD).

Positive System

There are four strands of shock cord in a portable positive system and 14 or 16 gauge wire which is stretched to 20 psi tension. For areas like small camps, apiaries and to fence fruit trees and gardens, this type of fence can be used. But for areas without good grounding such as dry gravel, a portable six-strand light gauge wire system can be used.

Working of a Portable Electric Fence

You can think of an electric fence as an open circuit. The energizer which is flowing in charged wires produces repeated pulses of electricity. The fence is grounded when some animal touches the charged wire due to the creation of closed circuit. Because of this, whatever thing present on the other side of wire, experiences a shock.

The Voltage Requirement

The grounding is minimized because bears have heavy foot pads, can tolerate pain and very thick skin. Because of this reason, it is recommended that you should use an alternating grounding wire configuration. In order to effectively shock a black bear, a minimum of 6,000 volts is suggested because bears have fat which acts like an insulator and have a thick fur too.

Follow the instructions carefully that are given on the manual of the portable electric fence. Installation information, diagrams and other things can be viewed on the websites of many provincial agencies.