Portable Ethanol Fireplace Information

With pollution making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons, people are constantly on the lookout for clean and environmentally friendly heating options, like the ethanol fireplace. When using ethanol as a fuel, its emissions are similar in composition to the air that we breathe out. This is not only ideal for the environment, but it also makes ethanol fireplaces portable as there is no need for a ventilation site or chimney.

Does Not Give Off Smoke

Burning ethanol has other advantages too. The fire produced does not give off smoke or leave behind any ashes and lacks the traditional suffocating smell when burning other fuels. One liter of ethanol would be enough to keep the fire burning for approximately four hours. The ethanol used in these portable fireplaces is denatured. Extra constituents are added to the ethanol that is generally used in beverages, to make it unpleasant or even toxic to drink. This allows the ‘denatured ethanol’ to escape the heavy taxes that are levied on other alcoholic drinks.

Various Designs Available

There are several types of ethanol fireplaces that vary in size and cost. The smaller portable fireplaces would weigh around 11 lbs and may accommodate roughly 17 oz. of ethanol in a capsule where it is burned. The larger more expensive portable fireplaces may be remote controlled. With a touch of a button one can increase the size of the flame or extinguish it. These ‘portable’ fireplaces can weigh as much as 55 lbs.

Easy to Install and Dismantle

Luckily enough they are easy to install and dismantle. Some companies might even offer, as part of the package for buying a portable ethanol fireplace, some extra decorative material. If you have already purchased a portable fireplace and have not received anything supplementary, why not add a bit of sand or pebbles around the capsule containing the ethanol to add that extra touch of elegance?


Furthermore a high quality ethanol fireplace is generally maintenance free. The chassis of the fireplace is usually glass and/or stainless steel. This eliminates the possibility of rust forming. The larger portable fireplaces can be used to heat up rooms; however the smaller fireplaces are more commonly used as a source of light or for decorative purposes. No one can deny that its acquisition would give a stylish appearance to any room.

Without doubt the ethanol fireplace and its dancing flames would give a unique atmosphere to your home, wherever you decide to place it. In the winter months it is ideal for heating, while the minimalistic forms would blend quite well to the rest of your garden décor during those warm summer evenings. However it is of utmost importance not to rush into buying a portable ethanol fireplace. Just like any other piece of furniture or fixture, these fireplaces come in an astounding variety of shapes and sizes. If you care for the environment, but yet want a stylish way of lighting and heating your home; buying an ethanol fireplace is the way to hit two birds with one stone!