Portable Fireplace? Build Your Own!

Portable fireplaces are becoming increasingly more popular alternatives to traditional fireplaces. You can easily  take your portable fireplace around to the backyard, front yard, neighbor’s house,  or outdoor events. They provide warmth along with a feeling of comfort and relaxation. If you were to go to the store, you will spend anywhere from $200.00 to $400.00 or more. If you build your own you will save a lot and have the accomplishment under your DIY belt.

Portable Fireplace Materials

  •     Steel Barrel such as a dryer or washing machine drum
  •     Steel Pipe
  •     Drill
  •     Drill Bit
  •     Jigsaw
  •     Jigsaw metal cutting blade
  •     Hinges
  •     Metal File
  •     Screws
  •     Welder (optional)

Step 1 – Acquiring Materials

Your first step is to get your materials in order. The biggest part of this project is the barrel or steel drum. This is the main part of the portable fireplace and can be retrieved from a few sources. You can visit a junk yard and get a barrel or washing machine drum, buy one from a hardware store or use the drum from an old washing machine or dryer you have lying around.

Step 2 – Allow For Ventilation

In order to allow the fire to have ventilation, you will need to drill holes in the barrel all around the top and sides. The holes should be spaced 4 inches apart and be ¾ in size. This will allow for the fire to get the oxygen it needs to keep burning.

Step 3 – Make The Fuel Door

After you made ventilation holes, it is time to make the door. Cut a square 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. To do this, make a predrilled hole in the metal. Next, insert the jigsaw and cut. Take the metal file and smooth out all four edges. Take two hinges and screw them on the rectangle door piece and then screw the hinges on the barrel as well. This will be your fuel door.

Step 4 – Make The Debris Door

This door is made the same way as the fuel door but it is smaller in size. The size of this door should be about 7 inches wide and 6 inches high. This is the door that will allow you to clean the ashes and debris out after you use it.

Step 5 – Stove Pipe

Take the steel pipe which is about 5 inches in diameter and cut a hole in the top of the lid 1 inch smaller. So, if you are using a 5 inch steel pipe, your hole will be 4 inches in diameter. If you are using a 7 inch, your hole would be 6 inches. Clip the edges back in the hole cut and place the steel pipe about an inch down into the barrel. Then screw the steel pipe in place.

Step 6 – (Optional) Make The Legs

If you want legs on your portable fireplace, you can choose whichever steel object you want. You will just need to simply weld on the legs with a welder.