Portable Infrared Sauna

Portable infrared saunas are designed to supply the body with the same heat that is attained through sunshine. The sun’s harmful rays, due to ozone depletion, make it more difficult to get the healthy benefits that the sun provides. Buying a portable infrared sauna can help replenish the body in many ways.

Types of infrared saunas

There are two basic types of infrared saunas:

  • Carbon-based - These surround your entire body with heat making them more effective as the heat is evenly distributed.
  • Ceramic - These are the less expensive choice as they heat up less space per square inch than carbon-based infrared saunas.

Advantages of infrared saunas

Portable infrared saunas can be used anywhere as they are lightweight and compact. They use less energy and therefore are more cost-efficient than traditional saunas. The detoxification properties of infrared saunas are purportedly more effective than steam or dry saunas as they penetrate the body more deeply.

Portable infrared saunas run at about 120° as opposed to 180° degrees generated by other saunas, which makes breathing easier. The deep-heating capabilities of infrared saunas are able to pull out toxins that are embedded deep within the skin.