Portable Shed Pros and Cons

Learn aboutthe benefits and drawbacks of a portable shed before deciding on any type of installation. For many, portable sheds are the optimal choice due to their convenience but for some it is best to build a permanent shed. 

Portable Shed Pros 

  • Cost: One of the biggest benefits to consumers considering portable sheds is their cost compared to a permanent building. Portable sheds are considerably less expensive. 
  • Assembly: Portable sheds take less time to assemble than building a permanent structure. Most portable sheds can be assembled in as little as 4 hours. 
  • Tools: To assemble most portable sheds, common tools are required like wrenches, screw-drivers, hammers and drills. Most portable sheds can be assembled with the most basic home tools. 
  • Building Permit: In most areas, a building permit is not needed for a portable shed. Check with your local municipal to verify. 
  • Flexible: Portable sheds allow flexibility in movement. They can be taken to a new home or relocated in an existing area. It is also unnecessary to do anything to the ground under them. 

 Portable Shed Cons 

  • Floor:Most portable sheds do not come with any type of flooring. It can be purchased separately but takes extra money and time to assemble. 
  • Options: Portable sheds have fewer options than sheds that are permanent. Most sheds have a limited amount of designs and sizes from which to choose. 
  • Durability: Although portable sheds are known to last many years, they do not last as long as permanently constructed sheds.