Possible Costs of a Sagging Floor

You've just moved into your new house and noticed that your attic has a sagging floor. Since this is an unexpected expenditure, yet one you have to make, you might want to look around and do a comparison between different options you have.

Contractor Estimates

There are various reasons why a floor sags, and therefore different prices attached to fixing it. Make sure that before you get started you get a few contractors to review the problem and give you estimated quotes. You should not always go with the cheapest quote, but also take a look at the experience your contractor has had in fixing the same problem in the past. 

Foundation Issues

There might be a foundation problem. If it is a foundation issue, consider yourself lucky since it can be easily solved, although it will be very pricey. This costs you around $8,000 but then you can easily find companies that repair sagging floors caused by faulty foundations.

Bad Construction Skills

A sagging floor caused by bad construction is much tougher to fix. For this, a special crew needs to be called in and this method can be costly. You will need to hire an experienced contractor for the job who has plenty of experience in fixing a sagging floor caused by bad construction. Many construction crews will not take up this kind of a job since it can be tricky, and therefore you might have to look around for a contractor. Depending on their skill level and the extent to which the floor sags, the contractor will give you a quote.

Usually different jacks are used to solve this problem. A good sized house might use up to twenty jacks to solve a sagging floor problem. The jacks that are involved are hydraulic bottle jacks. These can weigh up to a staggering twenty tons. Depending on various factors of a house, a good general contractor should charge you from $1,000 to $4,000 depending upon the problem and your house's structure.

There can also be additional costs involved, such as new piers. These range from $200 to $500, depending upon the type and quality that you have purchased. Installation of a new girder can be charged separately. It might be from $55 dollars per linear foot. If you think there are other hidden costs, make sure you figure them out with your company or contractor in the beginning.

Depending on the reason for the sagging floor, you could end up shelling out between $1,000 and $8,000 for fixing the problem. Make sure this is an expenditure you are ready to take on. Having a perfect house may be what you want, but every home comes with its flaws and some are just too expensive to fix unless absolutely required.