Poured vs Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

If you are considering a concrete pool deck you may be trying to decide between poured vs. stamped. There are similarities between the two but a couple of factors may help in your decision.

Poured Concrete Deck

A poured concrete deck is made the same way a sidewalk is installed. A bed is dug out and tamped down, several inches of gravel is added for drainage and forms are built in the shape you want the deck and to contain the wet concrete. The concrete is then poured into these forms and leveled. You may sprinkle on a tinting dust while the cement is wet if you wish it to be a color.

Stamped Concrete Deck

A stamped concrete pool deck is built the same way a poured deck is made. All the same steps are taken, except while the concrete is still wet, a stamping tool is pushed into the cement to create a pattern. Most patterns are like bricks, flagstone or a stone mosaic design. This will give the solid concrete surface the look of individually installed stones or bricks. The tinting dust can also be used.

The other major difference is time and cost. Because of the stamping technique, the price for this type of deck can be substantially more than traditional poured concrete. Also because of this step, the amount of time it will take to create the deck is lengthened.