Pouring Concrete Footers: Mistakes to Avoid

Concrete footers are an important part to building a structure in the ground, like a swing set or a playhouse, even a deck or gazebo. It can be tricky to pour the perfect concrete footers without prior experience and knowledge of your surroundings, so have a care when you’re researching the information necessary to pour concrete footers properly.

First, when you are digging your hole into which you intend to pour the concrete, remember to dig it below the frost line. This means that the fluxuations in temperature and moisture won’t be so damaging to the concrete and rebar you use for your footer.

Next, remember to pour your concrete evenly into the hole. You neither want it irregular in consistency nor in concentration so be careful and take your time—but not too much time, so as not to cause the concrete to dry out in the cement mixer.

Last but not least, it’s best to invest in a better concrete. There is a wide variety of concrete mixes you can buy, but ultimately the one best suited to your needs is the one you should use—and finding out which one that may be is best discussed with your local hardware and contracting supply store.