Power Hacksaw vs Jigsaw

Power Hacksaws

The hacksaw which is used to cut large sections (sizes) of metal such as steel is called a power hacksaw. It is very difficult to cut diameters that are more than 10/15 mm with a hand held hacksaw. This is the why power hacksaws are used. Power hacksaws are relatively much faster than hand held hacksaws. With power hacksaws, the heavy arm moves back and forth and cuts on the backward stroke. A machine vise is used to hold the metal. The machine vise is an important component as it holds the metal in position. The blade is lowered onto the top of the metal after it is placed and then fixed in the vise.

Hacksaw Blades

The power hacksaw blades are graded according to the number of teeth per inch and also according to the material from which they are made. High speed steel is used to manufacture top quality blades. In some cases, cheaper materials such as carbon steel blades are used to make blades of power hacksaws. There is an emergency switch on every power hacksaw which allows the user to turn off the machine quickly. The emergency switch is normally present at the side or foot of the hacksaw machine.

Hacksaw Motors

An electric motor is also present in a power hacksaw which powers the blade by utilizing a pulley system. Ratchet systems are also used in some power hacksaws. Two pulley wheels are present in most hacksaws. The speed of the cut will be quick if the belt is placed on the smaller pulley and it will be slow when the belt is placed on the larger pulley wheel.


Using a jigsaw to cut different materials is not an easy task if you don’t know what exactly needs to be done. But with experience and following some tips, the process can be made easier. It is recommended that you should never use the pendulum motion which is designed for faster cutting while using a jigsaw. A moderate amount of force should be used when pushing the blade of the jigsaw against the material being cut. Similar to other electric power tools that are used to cut different materials, blades are the most important part of a jigsaw.

Jigsaw Blades

There are different types of blades for the jigsaw which are utilized for different materials. The first is a bi-metal jigsaw blade which is used to cut non-ferrous materials and different types of metals. They are considered ideal when cutting metals because of their clearance. The second type of blade is the carbon steel blade that is used to cut non-metallic materials such as wood. To make a clean and fast cut, these blades have conical ground and sharpened teeth. Even faster cutting is offered by high speed steel blades. In order to cut materials like marble, fiberglass, composites or ceramic, carbide jigsaw blades are used. Because of the abrasive material used in its construction, these blades are resistant to wearing and heating.