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There are many different types of power tools saws, and hand held saws, and it is very important to make sure that you are using the right one for the job. Learning how to choose the right saw for whatever it is you want to do can help prevent injuries and accidents to yourself or others. These are a couple examples of power tools saws, and are great for big projects and precise work.

• A coping saw stands on its own and has a thin blade. It is best for cutting circular patterns into wood because the blade of the power saw can bend easily.
• Miter saws can cut at angles and are made for acute work. Picture frames and molding are cut with a miter saw. The machine can either be hand held or stand on its own.

Hand Held Saws

Here are a few types of hand held saws. Hand held saws are different from power tool saws because they do not require any electricity. They are used mainly for imprecise work like cutting down branches or through boards.

• Crosscut saw
• Rip saw
• Hack saw
• Bow saw

Make sure you always use care when using power tools saws or hand held saws. When used correctly, both can make work fast and accurate.

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