Power Used by Air Conditioner Systems

The power used by your air conditioner system will change according to various factors. These include: the size of the room, the thermostat setting you use, and whether the air condtioner is the correct size for the space. The age and quality of the air conditioner will also affect its energy efficiency. Learn about how much power your air conditioner system draws from these guidelines.

Energy Star Certification

An Energy Star certified air conditioner uses 10% less energy than models produced before 2003, due to more sensitive thermostats and accurate cycle timers.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating)

The SEER ranking is based on the number of hours your air conditioner operates per year, divided by the electrical energy it uses in watt-hours. The higher the SEER of your air conditioner, the more energy efficient it is.

BTUs = British Thermal Units

BTUs measure the cooling capacity of air conditioners. If you buy an air conditioner with too high a BTU rating, they switch on and off frequently, with costly power usage. Air conditioners with low BTU ratings run for too long on each cooling cycle, also wasting energy. Estimate 200 BTUs of air conditioning for each 100 square feet of house space to get the best-sized air conditioner.