Power Window Repair: How to Repair a Power Window Switch

What You'll Need
Flat-tipped screwdriver
Multimeter or Voltmeter/Ohmmeter

When your windows stop working, you will need to perform power window repair. In cars, power windows are a convenient alternative to the mechanical windows. However, if a power window is not working properly, you may not be able to open it at all. If the switch is broken, it has to be either replaced or repaired. Fortunately, power window repair is a simple DIY project. Follow the steps below to fix a faulty switch.

Step 1 – Find the Problem

If the window on only one side is not working, it is most likely that the problem is a nonfunctional switch. Also, there could be a problem in the window’s motor, or the wiring leading from the switch to the motor could be faulty. In this case, it is important to inspect the entire apparatus thoroughly to identify the exact problem. There can be many reasons why a power window doesn’t work. The first step is to identify the cause of the malfunction.

Step 2 – Examine the Switch

The switches for the passenger windows are wired to the switches on the driver’s side. If there is a problem in the switches of the passenger windows, the problem could be with either the switches on the passenger windows or the ones on the driver’s side.

Step 3 – Removing the Switch

There are a total of 4 tabs on each of the window switches. To remove the switch, each of these four tabs has to be released. These tabs are extremely sensitive, and a lot of caution should be exercised while releasing them so that they do not break. Use a flat-tipped screwdriver and slide it under two of the tabs. With a quick motion, release them.

Step 4 – Check If the Switch Works

Use the multimeter to check the contacts of the switches. If the resistance of the switches is high, it may be because dirt has settled on them. Simply cleaning the contacts can therefore solve your problem. Once you have cleaned the contacts, replace the switch onto the assembly by reinserting the tabs.

Step 5 – Re-examine the Switch

Once you have reinstalled the switch back into the car, check whether it is able to function normally again. Push the switch, and observe if it can make the windows roll. If the windows are working, it implies that the switch is functioning properly. However, if the same problem persists, the switch may have to be replaced.

Step 6 – Installing a New Switch

Before you install a new switch, check whether the contacts are clean. The contacts should be dirt free and should not have kind of debris on it. Also make sure that the contacts are not rusted. Once you have inspected the new switch, remove the old switch and insert the new one in its place. Make sure you fasten the tabs properly. Roll the windows and check once again. If your window is still not working, the problem could be faulty wiring. This will require further checking and correcting that is perhaps done best by a car mechanic.