Power Window Repair: How to Replace a Broken Regulator Power Window Repair: How to Replace a Broken Regulator

What You'll Need
Flat-head Screwdriver
Car-hardware kit for removing bolts
Masking Tape

Power window repair can involve dealing with quite variable problems with windows that are not sliding up and down correctly or windows that are stuck and refuse to move. Most of the problems with power windows can be solved by taking a look at the regulator and checking if it is in correct working order. If it is not, it can be replaced with a new one. But the whole process can get complicated if you do not know what components you will be dealing with during the whole procedure of replacing the regulator. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand the whole process. 

Step 1 – Remove Access Panels 

First, remove all plastic access panels in the door and covers that have screw holes in them. 

Step 2 – Remove Control Switch Panel 

The control switch panel should be removed using a somewhat pointed but flat tool like a flat-head screwdriver. The trick is to slide the screwdriver underneath the panel and pushing the panel upwards until it comes off (without breaking). Not all cars have switch panels as some cars have their power window controls embedded in the door panel.  

Step 3 – Disconnect electrical connector 

After you have taken out the switch panel, disconnect the electrical connector by gently releasing the connector safety. 

Step 4 – Remove Door Panel 

Now, remove all screws and/or door panel bolts on the door panel. Some bolts will be the push-type and won’t require tools like screw drivers. After all the panel bolts are removed, disconnect any remaining electrical connectors and gently pull off the door panel. 

Step 5 – Remove Plastic Cover 

Most cars come with a plastic insulator cover inside the door panel. Pull that plastic cover apart and it will expose the inner electrical workings of the door and window.  

Step 6 – Release Power Window Electrical Connector 

For any power window repair job, removing the electrical connectors is very important. Here, the power window motor will usually be a shiny metallic box-like thing and can be identified easily. Remove its electrical connector.  

Step 7 – Tape Window in Place 

Before you remove the regulator structure and rail, make sure you tape the window in place. From the outside, use masking tape to tape the window to the top of the car. This will ensure the window stays in place while you replace the regulator. It will prevent you from adjusting the window after your regulator job to fit the whole structure. 

Step 8 – Remove Window Regulator 

This step is fairly easy now. Just unscrew all screws and bolts that are connecting the window regulator panel to the door panel and take off the window regulator structure. The structure will contain a regulator and motor mounting rail. Make sure you take off the rail carefully, detaching it from the regulator cable in the door. 

Step 9 – Install New Regulator and Finish the Job 

Compare the old removed regulator structure with the new one and check if all mounting bolts and window motor are in the same position. Reinstall new window regulator in the door, reversing the steps you took to remove the old one. Re-attach the door panel reversing all the steps you took to remove it. You’re done.

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